Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The day after

OK... first let's clean those live posts. They are full of phone provider crap.... since I won't erase anything, I want just make them a little easier to be read.

About the ride: well, we failed.

We couldn't make it. I mean, we couldn't complete the planned ride... but we had a hell of a ride.

I must try again in a longer day month, like July. Darkness caught us too soon to continue.
Moreover AUGUST isn't the month. Too much damn traffic (tourists).
18hs or ride, with few little stops, never longer than few minutes.
We did the 3 countries. We did 14 passes (map of ridden route to follow). We did 919km (which isn't far from 1000 at all).

Weather was perfect. We caught a little rain down the last pass (Rolle) that we even did in the night (amazing), but nothing worth mentioning.

Last night I thought
  1. this is impossible to be done
  2. I won't do it again
  3. I won't ride for coupla weeks
Today, after a good rest, I still think it's possible to be done, I will do it again and I will ride sooner than you may imagine.

Thanks to all those who followed me on the blog, that text'd me, that phoned me, that emailed me. It was kinda like you were out there riding with us.

You will soon see the pictures we took... stay tuned.

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