Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Men at work / Lavori in corso

You may remember I crashed later in 2009.
Well, after the crash I just removed the fairings and equipped the bike with crash pads.
Now, during the winter pause, I am doing several things, including full repaint.
New color will be MATT BLACK, like this:

Ricorderete che sono caduto verso fine stagione 2009.
L'unica cosa che feci fu rimuovere le carene e metterci dei funghi :)
Ora, durante la pausa invernale, sto facendo diversi lavori, tra i quali nuova livrea... la quale sarà NERO OPACO, così:

And wheels will be ELECTRIC BLUE, like this mysterious object

E le ruote saranno BLU ELETTRICO, come questo misterioso oggetto:

So here some pictures from my own workshop. I'll post more as long as the project advances.Così ecco delle foto dalla mia officina. Man mano che il progetto andrà avanti vi terrò aggiornati.

Drilling holes on air grids to host crash padsSto facendo i fori sulle griglie per farci strare i funghi

Cutting old handlebars grips

Manopole vecchie: ciao ciao

New onesLe nuove

Wheels are being sand grinded.
Ruote: mandate a sabbiare

Fairing fitting test, to see where drilling holes on the grids. When done everything goes to bodyshop.Prova carena per fare i fori alle griglie. Poi tutto va dal carrozza.

Stay tuned...

Alla prossima...


  1. Question.

    WTF is buy a bicycle and go downhill to the nearest pub cause it's safer in Italian?

    Glad yer back old bean. Was getting a wee bit worried this side of the world...

  2. agree, but then, how can I get back uphill when totally pissed?

    aren't we on the same side of the world? :)

  3. My word verif is "humperse" hahaha!