Monday, March 9, 2009

Step ahead & CdT 2009 day

Ordered OIL & whatever I need to service the old lady.
Agreed with workshop for a new chain + set of sprockets.

And we got a date (which can change still, but won't be much earlier nor much after this):

June 23rd 2009

Route will be basically 2008 one, with few changes. Details in next weeks.


  1. hi! beautiful! but... why in english? joflo - motortrip

  2. because I am in touch with a lot of fellow riders WORLD WIDE :-)

  3. What is that date, you guys go on another world tour? :)

  4. Riders in worldwide! I love the road! kilometers without a destination...only emotions and sensations! yes!!
    enjoy your voyage! bye Joflo

  5. Jackie: the date (or about) we repeat the mission :) Read all the blog, around august 2008 and you'll see the whole story :)

    Joflo: that's exactely the reason for which I ride.

  6. ist also the mine! :) route or off-road is the same! joflo