Sunday, February 15, 2009

Back on two wheels...

...but w/o engine.

Took the bicycle out of the barn and went for a nice ride in the sun yesterday.
It was 2 weeks I didn't do any sport due to an elbow trouble.... wow... I felt DEAD afterwards.
We start seeing motorcycles around. I don't even dare to start mine... too much to do yet... and too cold to ride WHERE I want.
Another month to go I believe.
Doesn't matter.
The bicycle is cheaper for now :)


  1. got a bicycle just before Xmas. Assembled it myself. First time I got on it collapsed - forgot to tightn the screws and things. Second time I got on it felt odd. I'd put the handle bars back to front.

    Wobbling all over the place now...usually to and from the pub

  2. lesson learned: never buy a kit bicycle. :)

  3. LOL!!! Y'all keep me young... hhahaha